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انضم الي آلاف الشركات التي تستخدم جلاميرا سيستم يوميا

جلاميرا الحل الأمثل لآلاف الشركات فى 10 دول، من البداية الى الشركات الكبري.

لا تدع عميلك يتنظر ..

التوافر في الحل

الأستغلال الأمثل للموارد

ادارة قائمة الإنتظار بكفاءة

خاصية الحجز الفوري

إختار نوع نشاطك للتجربة المجانية

Hamam El-sultan Salon
Hamam El-sultan Salon

Glamera help us manage the products we use with clients, when we started to record the products, we waste less, and the products are not suddenly run out.


Glamera is more than asystem, it help us to manage employees, customers and reservations, inventoryand branches. All operations are done in the blink of an eye from the first time we used Glamera for branches.

Relax rools
Relax rools

We use Glamera for the billing syste, but it helps us organize the reservation and manage all the branches with extraordinary ease.

Hudooa Alsharq
Hudooa Alsharq

The bester than the system, is Glamera's technical support, a collaborative team, available at any time and with every problem , and even after the solution, they follow up on the situation.

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Our Glamera Features

Various packages that include the basic and additional benefits that you need in your activity & suits you in the best way.


Create an integrated calendar that organise daily reservations, services with the employee.

Staff list

Organizing the daily work among them, according to departments, appointments.


You can record and follow all transactions and movements between stores, branches...etc


Communicating with customers on various occasions through packages and discounts.

Daily Transactions

Organizing daily work, financial transactions through the opening and closing balance.

Sales List

Adding many services, products and gifts, and calculating their value with taxes..etc

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Glamera is a specialized system for managing all the activities of the beauty sector.
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