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Beauty Industry Experts

GLAMIRA offers a beauty consulting service for salons and beauty centers, seeking to provide professionalism to the beauty businesses from establishment to development and challenges through dedicated practical strategies that provide effective practical solutions.

ابدأي عملك الخاص كمتخصصة تجميل

Consulting Types

Not just general advice, but practical rules and strategies based on the situation of each salon or activity in particular, provided by a number of business and beauty experts and technicians.


Project management consulting to help them solve a variety of administrative and organizational aspects and develop the management structure.


Consulting on day-to-day work management, operating plans, operations and task distribution to obtain the highest level of performance of the team, and related to the management and operation system) The resource management system (proportionate to the project to control operations and create interconnectedness between administrative and operational departments so as to allow the employer to see the progress of all operations in different departments and take appropriate decisions and actions to reach the highest expected productivity of the project.


It includes many consulting aspects such as:

  • Consultation on the selection of the best products and materials used in the provision of different services to achieve the highest quality of services and maintain the highest profit margin.
  • Consultation on the quality of services provided to customers and their development.
  • Consultations on dealing with different suppliers inside and outside the Kingdom and how to conclude supply contracts that ensure the organization of the suspension with the suppliers.
  • Consultations on transactions with the Food and Drug Authority.
  • Consultations to organize service delivery from the beginning of client reception to separation and evaluation by clients.
  • Technical and technical team performance analysis consultations.
  • Developing performance development plans for the task force.


It aims to bring the performance of the team to the highest quality by offering various training programs:

  • Junior training programmes
  • Advanced training programmes


The content of the training programmes includes:

  • Scientific concepts and rules on service performance
  • Selection of suitable products to provide services
  • Standard and professional procedures and steps to perform services
  • Modern technologies related to each service individually and how to utilize them to upgrade the quality of service
  • Specialized training programs in all beauty and care services.

Meet Our Team

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Christine Boda

Co-Founder & CEO

Chris Javier

Co-Founder & CTO

Fabricio Malo

Head Of Design

Vera Briggs

Head Of Marketing