A set of integrated solutions

To support you in improving your services, raising the productivity, and obtaining the satisfaction of your customers.

Sales Department:

It offers many features such as:

  • Issuing the invoice in more than one format and size for all devices.
  • Enjoy more than one payment method through a professional sales screen.
  • Manage home and salon services at the same time.


Reservations management is characterized by:

  • Simplified reservations screen, facilitating reservations for more than one employee at the same time.
  • Follow your daily – weekly – monthly reservations through the same screen.
  • Manage available massage rooms through the room management feature.

Daily Transactions

With this feature you will be able to:

  • Managing shifts professionally through the automated diary opening and closing system.
  • A professional system for managing the clients’ balances and portfolio.
  • Control the balances of safes and the transfer between them.

HR Management

Specialized features to manage your employees:

  • A tight attendance and departure system linked to fingerprint devices.
  • Manage overtime without commission.
  • Easily export and analyze the payroll list.


Enjoy the benefits of marketing management:

  • Choose the most suitable marketing feature for you (offers, packages, vouchers, gift cards).
  • Enjoy a fully detailed screen to control the loyalty system.
  • Enjoy an SMS service to communicate with your customers directly.
  • Enjoy the system of periodic notifications to communicate with customers.


Develop your business through accurate reports:

  • More than 70 detailed reports to help you make the best decision.
  • Export your reports in any format “images, excel, pdf and more.
  • Search feature at the level of all branches and one branch.

User Permissions

Only with Glamera:

  • Classify your powers easily between manager, cashier, employee and more.
  • Modify the user’s permissions between adding, modifying and deleting.
  • Now control the powers of your activity thanks to the cloud system of Glamera.


Completely manage the stock products:

  • Follow the periodic consumption of products.
  •  Monitor product transfers from one store to another.
  • Reduce the products waste of your by identifying employee custody of products.

Integrated Accounting System

Accounting system with specialized features:

  • An integrated accounting system of daily and combined accounts.
  • Build your account tree of assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses.
  • Adjust cash settlements, Loans and Advances account, pledge and suppliers accounts for deferred payments or receivables.

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