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A system specifically designed for the management of beauty salons, through a number of tools for all business rules, from staff management and the functioning of the saloon through customer reception, follow-up, analysis of sales results and even the issuance of detailed reports for all operations.

Glamera Business developed to support the management of beauty salons, various clinics, gyms and SPA health resorts.

Subscription to Glamera Business begins with the registration of your and the Foundation’s core data via our website, and then our team will communicate with you as soon as possible to complete the registration procedures and join Glamera Business.

Glamera Business has an integrated set of tools that contribute to the more structured and effective management of beauty salons, such as:

  • Customer management started from booking and receiving them in the saloon and until getting their evaluation of the quality of the services provided.
  • Human Resources Management, all about salon employees, (salaries, shifts, vacations, performance appraisal … etc. “
  • Supply and sales management to track supply of used products and quantities as well as supplier data and other warehouse and inventory transactions
  • Marketing management and after-sale services to maintain the trust and loyalty of existing customers and to achieve greater outreach among potential clients with diverse mechanisms over time.
  • reports of various departments within the saloon, human resources report, sales, marketing results and even detailed reports in case of saloon branches.


Glamera Business contains a special system for reviewing data and issuing comprehensive and detailed reports on everything that is happening within the various institutions, the most important of which are:

  • customer reservation operations reports.
  • Various human resources reports.
  • Supply and inventory reports.
  • Sales reports.
  • Marketing Reports.


Glamera Business uses cloud computing to give its customers more space to store their data. 

Glamera Business gives its customers access to their accounts through all devices.

PC – android – IOS


Glamera Business has 4 packages:

  1. The free system, which enables you to use some of the Glamera Business tools to manage your salon.
  2. The economic system, it adds some features such as adding multiple payment systems “cashier”, and some offers, discounts, promotions and packages, and human resources reports.
  3. The main system which is the most used among our clients, as it adds a number of features and tools for managing payment systems, payroll and other human resources reports. The client can also enjoy the “loyalty program” offered by Glamera Business and other marketing campaign features.
  4. The unlimited system, which gives its users all the features and tools that Glamera Business contains.