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Glamera Training.. The first in Saudi Arabia specialized in the rehabilitation of workers in the beauty industry by aPanel of beauty Experts

Panel of Experts

Galamera Training includes a group of experts in the field of beauty and training with experience for decades, each trainer has their own style and distinctive educational content that qualifies trainees to deliver the best.

Specialized Courses

The course content includes technical study and integrated vocational training so that the trainee graduates confident in his skills, professionalism and development day by day.

Certified Training

Galamera Training gives you the accreditation of TVTC.

Practical Training

You train with enough of the best tools and products you need to shift from a novice to a professional during the course.


Lip coloring and pigmentation removal

This course contains the study of the latest therapeutic techniques of sirum to remove pigmentation and supply transparency, starting from studying the standards of the shape of the transparency and contour as well as mixing colors, inks and products used and safety rules to perform the service with a professional practical application.

Remove old Tattoo

This course contains the study of the latest technology to remove the old Tattoo safely and without effects and study the rules and components of the removal materials used and safety rules while performing the service with a professional practical application.

Medical Camouflage

This course contains the study of the latest therapeutic techniques with medical remedies for conditions including the effects of, stretch marks, burns, vitiligo, etc., starting from the study of skin composition, camouflage color circle, anatomy of the skin, techniques that fit it, safety rules while performing the service and professional practical application.


This course contains a study of the latest microblading needle, microshedding and powderbursch technologies from studying the composition of skin, skin and color, then ink bases and correctors, adopting appropriate measurements and finally safety rules during service performance with professional practical application.

Lift and dye eyelashes and eyebrows

This course contains the scientific basis for raising eyelashes and eyebrows and then the products used to lift them and the methods of dyeing them and the standard procedures for reaching the best quality and finally the home care products with them and applying a professional step-by-step practical.

Installation of permanent eyelashes

This course contains the scientific basis for the installation of professional eyelashes and their types, in addition to safety rules and standard procedures during deer and installation, after-service tips for customers.

Dr. Munira Khalil

  • Doctor of Medical Preparations.
  • Trainer certified by the General Foundation for Professional and Technical Qualification of Saudi Arabia.
  • Certified trainer from the International Academy of British Training and Development.
  • Trainer certified by the European APT Academy.
  • 10 years of training in beauty.
  • More than 45 workshops in Saudi Arabia and abroad in the first year.

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